This is who we are

Our organization believes that honor, truth, trust, and integrity are the most important ingredients in any relationship.



Urhobo Progressive Union was incorporated in 1991, as a non-for-profit organization registered under the laws of the State of Minnesota. The Association is an ethnic Nigerian group based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

UPU of MN was Founded in 1990 by some group of Urhobos who lived around the Twin Cities area.  UPU Minnesota is the main social and cultural organization serving Urhobo-speaking immigrants from Nigeria in Minnesota (USA). Urhobo is the fifth largest ethnic group in Nigeria and the largest in Delta State, Urhobos are known for their industry, resourcefulness, and hospitality.

UPU of Minnesota members are US law abiding citizens. The membership transcends all professions including but not limited to Doctors, Teachers, Nurses, Journalist, Engineers, Accountants, School Administrators, various business owners, etc.

With variety of members active donations and fundraising activities, UPU MN provides social and cultural support to members and financial support to disadvantaged youths worldwide, particularly to orphanages and youth in Urhobo Areas of Delta State of Nigeria.

The Organization meets every second Saturday of the month. To foster collaboration and love, dedicated members volunteer to host these meetings.

Membership is opened to all well-wishers.

Please come join us!