Empowering the underprivileged and at-risk Orphans, Urhobo Progressive Union of Minnesota is dedicated to helping them build confidence and make positive long-lasting relationships. With a variety of  members active donations and fundraising activities, Orphanages and schools are provided room to learn as well as the supports needed to succeed in life.

The lives of underpriviledged and priviledged youths are connected, regardless of the proximity of homes. What happens in one neighborhood affects others and what happens in a child's life affects other children's lives and families. By providing for the underpriviledged youth now, we provide for the community at large.

Contact our offices at 612-245-9140 to speak with us about our efforts and events.

What Youth Have to Say

"Growing up in this orphanage,  I never had the chance to go site seeing and visit places. Since the Urhobo Progressive Union provided us our own van, I've gotten to do both. The best part is it's with other kids just like me." Bruno.

Only then are we able to help them build upon their character, communication skills, and leadership capabilities.

Underpreviledged Youth and Orphans have different likes and respond differently. That is specifically why we provide varied activities. While we encourage these youths to engage in new experiences, we want them to feel good about their own choices and preferences.